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The solidification of liquid soap to a solid form, by either drum drying for modest outputs, or vacuum spray drying, for larger outputs.

A drying plant can deliver either laundry bar soap or toilet soap pellets, which are called soap noodles.

Drying Equipment

  • Soap Holding Tanks
  • Soap Transfer Pumps
  • Flash Evaporators
  • Neat Soap Filter Pumps
  • Neat Soap Filters
  • Constant Level Vessels
  • Adjustable Speed Soap Pumps
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Soap Recirculation Systems
  • Atomiser Vacuum Chambers
  • Simplex, Duplex & Triplex Plodders
  • Laundry Bar Printers & Cutters
  • Hot Drum Dryers
  • Soap Chilling Rolls
  • Cyclone Powder Separators
  • Barometric Towers
  • Vacuum Boosters
  • Barometric Condensers