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Detergent Production Equipment

We also make detergent bar and powder manufacturing equipment.

Detergent Bars
Our detergent bar machinery makes solid washing blocks which are used for hand washing clothes in cold water, where there are high concentrations of minerals in the water. These regions are typically South and Central America and Central East Africa

The equipment is visually similar to toilet soap machinery, but the design and components are much stronger because detergents are much harder.

We make the following Detergent Bar Machinery :

  • Detergent Bar Mixers
  • Detergent Bar Roll Mills
  • Detergent Bar Plodders
  • Detergent Bar Cutters
  • Detergent Bar Stampers

Detergent Powders
Detergent Powder comes in two varieties, dense and light. Dense powders Weigh over 500 grams per litre and are made by dry mixing ingredients together. Light powders are made by mixing a detergent slurry, then spraying droplets of slurry into a rising column of hot air, which dries them to powder. We make Dense Powder production equipment.

We make the following Detergent Powder Machinery

  • Batch Weighers
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Production Platforms
  • Batch Mixers
  • Mixed Powder Hoppers
  • Bagging and Sachet Equipment